On Friday, 31st May, art journey continues even after the art fair ArtVilnius’19 closes for the night. Night at the Gallery is an opportunity to visit the city’s galleries which will stay open until 11 PM and will welcome visitors for exhibitions, meetings with artists and special tours.

The event is free of charge.

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Participating galleries


apiece | Didžioji g. 38. Marija Puipaitė and Vytautas Gečas exhibition „Envisioned Comfort”.

ArkaLDS galerija | Aušros Vartų g. 7. Opening of French artists collective “Le 4 Paris Art” exhibition “Voyage”.

Artifex, Tekstilės galerija | Gaono g. 1. Presentation of Vilnius Academy of Arts student  Indrė Milašiūtė diploma project “(Ne)gyvoji miško paklotė”.

Autarkia | Naugarduko 41 g., Exhibition of 60 Lithuanian artists “XVII a”. Curators: Laura Kaminskaitė and Robertas Narkus

AV17 |  Totorių g. 5. Luca Vanello exhibition “Moist Muscles Await”. At 6 and 8 pm guided tour through the exhibition.

Contour Art Gallery | Vokiečių g. 13A. (building of ex-kindergarten). Exhibition of artist Eglė Butkutė. From 9 pm will start an event”Hop Hop Till You Drop” with JC Sport and Jean Claude. (8-11 pm)

Pamėnkalnio galerija | Pamėnkalnio g. 1.  Vidmantas Jusionis exhibition opening „Prieš saulę“. Meeting with the artist.

Kristina Norvilaitė galerija | Užupio g. 1.  Kristina Norvilaitė exhibition „Déjà vu“ (8.30-11 pm)

Kunstkamera | Ligoninės g. 4.  Collective photography exhibition “Faces”.

Meno Niša | J. Basanavičiaus g. 1.  „ArtVilnius‘18“ best audience selected artist Kęstutis Svirnelis exhibition.

Vartai | Vilniaus g. 39. Vilnius Academy of arts BA students Rytis Ratkevičius, Gytis Arošius and  Monika Radžiūnaitė exhibition  (6-10 pm).

Vilniaus grafikos meno centras-galerija Kairė-Dešinė | Latako g. 3.  Camilla Borgheze photography exhibition

The Room | Polocko g. 17.  Exhibition of artist Ina Budrytė

Titanikas, VDA parodų salės | Maironio g. 3.  Exhibition of the diploma works by the Vilnius Academy of arts graduates.


other events

During the event Night at the Gallery, from 6 to 11 pm, you are welcome to the presentation of the latest work by Severija Inčirauskaitė Kriaunevičienė, “Waterlilies”. Architect – Tomas Grunskis. Next to MO museum, Vingriu g./Pylimo g.

During the event Night at the Gallery, from 8 to 10 pm, French artist Thomas Wattebled will do a performance “Shift”. 

More about the performance:

SHIFT #01 – A performance of Thomas Wattebled from the FocusFrance «On The Edge», curated by Aurélie Faure. Bike delivery has grown exponentially in Europe’s major cities, becoming a symbol of “uberisation”. An economic model that tends to individualize actors and put in competition self-employed employees. Today in Paris, more than 10 applications offer food or object deliveries in less than 15 minutes and at any time. An unexpected consequence of precariousness, the development of solidarity is felt within the deliverymen who created their unions and try to overthrow the individualism of this system in collective strength. In the 2000’s, the “shift” was the place where the bike couriers found their bags to end their service. Place that has disappeared since the invention of applications like stuart, uber-eat and deliveroo.

Thomas Wattebled will ride the streets of Vilnius in collaboration with 7 Lithuanian bikers: a silent choreography and a collective work with unusual shapes.